Hair Mineral Analysis Kit

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What Is Hair Mineral Analysis?

Hair Mineral Analysis is a screening tool that analyzes the minerals in your hair to determine the levels of minerals within your body. This includes mineral deficiencies and excess mineral levels. Knowing this information is vital to learning what nutrition your body is craving and ultimately preventing diseases. Minerals in your body give you the spark of life, but levels too high or too low can cause debilitating illnesses that can prevent you from living a full life and cost you tremendously. For example, too much calcium can lead to the thickening of your arteries and a deficiency can lead to osteoporosis, hypoglycemia and other severe conditions that are preventable. Hair Mineral Analysis will tell you exactly how much calcium is in your body and finally give you answers for the unexplainable symptoms you have been suffering from for years.

Who Can Benefit from Hair Mineral Analysis?

Everyone, but especially individuals suffering from an unexplained illness or who is sick and seeking treatment, but not getting better. Hair Mineral Analysis is safe for everyone, regardless of age and health condition. Do you have a list of symptoms (skin issues, brittle nails, insomnia) that you just deal with that you have assumed are harmless? We have heard this many times.

"Your doctor is not going to give you a prescription for hair analysis. He's going to wait until your symptoms become a disease and give you prescriptions, and by then – it's too late," – Dr. Tony Aboudib

Here's How to Get Started

Complete the checkout process and we will send you the Hair Analysis Kit, which includes the required signature from Dr. Tony Aboudib who is a qualified health practitioner. 

You will receive the Hair Mineral Analysis kit within a few days. Follow the simple steps listed in the kit to obtain a hair sample and mail it to Analytical Research Labs, Inc.

You will receive the life-changing results in the form of a detailed report (over 30 pages long) that goes through the minerals deficiencies and excess minerals in your body. The report will also list the supplements and a dietary plan to follow in order to help you regain control of your health.

Sample Hair Mineral Analysis Results Report

Sample Tissue Mineral Analysis Report and Dietary Profile

You CAN stop living in the dark by ordering your Hair Mineral Analysis Kit today.