Med-Chem Labs

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Ingredients: 8 oz. Lauricidin mini pellets (95+1% pure) Pill Size: mini pellets (very small) Contraindications: none known Other Ingredients: n/a Contains No: nonfood contaminants or preservatives Report Conversion 4= 1 tsp per day 6= 1 ½ tsp per day 8= 2 tsp per day 10= 2 ½ tsp per day 12= 3 tsp per day Drug Interactions: none known Supply Estimate: varies; depending on how often used Facts: Lauricidin is comprised of Lauricidin mini pellets (95+1% pure) Has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral activity. May be beneficial in treating those infected with the HIV virus, including AIDS patients. Has anti-viral activity against a number of membraned viruses, including influenza viruses and herpes viruses. Vitamin Company: Med-Chem Labs 

Weight: 12 oz