When I had my first set of complete tests run in February, 2012, they were not very good.   I had a total of 14 tests that were out of the optimal ranges.  Some were very far off.  I was anxious yet nervous to see if the protocol I was following was working.  At the end of April 2012 the tests were rerun and they are back and so much better!  Of the 14 that were off  in February,10 are now within the functional ranges.  Two of the tests are just off by a few points and the others have improved drastically.  I can see that following a Gluten Free diet, adding in light exercise and taking the recommended vitamins and supplements to support my body functions has made a huge difference to control my auto-immune disorder.  This is so amazing that in less than 3 months my labs could improve so quickly.

So the next step is to improve the lab levels that are still off.  I plan to continue with the gluten free food choices and increase the exercises.  Each time we run tests we make adjustments to the supplements that I am taking.  We plan to do more extensive food sensitivity testing (we offer a test that can check for 164 different foods sensitivities) to make sure that I understand exactly what to avoid in my diet and to pin-point what continues to cause my auto-immune condition.

I have hope that I will continue to improve and that we will know the answers to a lot of the questions that started this journey to health.  Looking back I see how different things could have been had I taken a different road - to destroy part of my body and rely on prescription drugs for the rest of my life.  Let your body heal itself - God has given us the answers to our health conditions - we just have to listen and learn and understand.

Written by Ryan Frusti — August 14, 2012