Functional Medicine University recently published and article on some possible links the the early failing of the human brain and the increase of Alzheimer's Disease and memory decline.  

Part of the reason can be connected to blood pressure medications called channel blockers and also cholesterol lowering drugs like Lipitor.  They have documented research on how these drugs are adding to the early decline in brain function.  

Another link is drawn to heavy metals that can accumulate in our brain and cause the nerves to malfunction.  Aluminum is a major culprit as it is all around us.

Fortunately there is a nutrient that can help to store memory and keep Alzheimer's at bay.  It is called Phosphatidylserine and is available in supplement form on our website from Orthomolecular Products.  In one incident, in just 3 months Phosphatidylserine restored memory to where it had been 12 years prior. 

Organic Green Tea is also beneficial to brain function.

To read the full article with accompanying research you can go here  https://www.functionalmedicineuniversity.com/public/995.cfm

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Written by Shirley Aboudib — November 08, 2018