Should you add supplements for your pets health?

Over the years we have had many people call us for supplements and when we ask about the patient, we're no longer surprised to hear it's for their pet.  From remedies for stomach, kidney, liver support to allergy, digestive and calming aids these products are gentle and have gotten amazing results.  

Apex Energetics and Professional Formulas carry great homeopathics that are mild flavored and very easy to dose to your pet. Products like Apex Energetics Aller-Total and Airborne help with allergies and sell for under $25 per bottle.  Bronchotox  helps with lung support, Digestive Drainage helps with bloating, constipation and flatulence.  Serotonin and Dopamine help with stress and anxiety.

One of our current clients purchases both Small Intestine Drops and Heart Stim Liquescence which are homeopathics, for her small dog.  She said she can tell the difference in her pets energy and comfort level.

We all want to do the best we can for our furry family members and supplements can be the answer.  

Written by Shirley Aboudib — February 27, 2019