I have always believed that there is a natural approach to sickness and health and if we don't keep our bodies in balance things begin to go awry.  It seems there can be a domino affect in our health related decisions whether it is thyroid or another health care issue.  

Before we started a family we knew we wanted everything as natural as possible, so we made the decision to deliver our four daughters at home.  During the course of our births there was something different about each one that made it unique - preruptured membranes, meconium staining, blue coloring, nuchal umbilical cord and knotted cord.   We were told these would more than likely have been handled differently in a hospital possibly leading to a more invasive birth or a c-section.  I'm sure arguments could be made both ways but we were blessed to have very knowledgeable midwife and others guiding us with our birthing decisions.

I think the same can be said for all health care decisions.  If I had followed what my Endocrynologist had recommended I believe things would have been very different for me.  I have spoken with and know people that have had Radioactive Iodine and thyroid removal and had further problems after that.  I talk to patients on the phone often that are regretting extreme decisions they have made.  I'm not recommending that you stop seeing your Endocrinologist or other specialist.  I am suggesting that you be an active and educated participant in your health care choices and find a doctor that is knowledgeable in natural support to the body.

Working at our Chiropractic clinic I speak almost every day with patients who have suffered chronic pain for years.  Sometimes it was an accident or injury that caused it.  Other times this has been compounded by surgery, prescription drug use and frustration with modern medicine.  But most of them have decided, some too late, that they don't want to go the conventional route and want to find something natural to help them. 

As I look back on my own life, I feel certain that much of what has happened in regard to my health has been mismanaged, mishandled or just missed.  I believe my thyroid condition, though never diagnosed as more than borderline, has been present since I was having my children and sadly I also believe undiagnosed thyroid conditions can be passed on to our children.  Two of my daughters suffered a rare kidney condition that was probably related to my thyroid insufficiency.  (Fortunately they are both in remission.)  It is quite possible that the four miscarriages I suffered between my daughters were also related to thyroid disease or chemical imbalances that went unnoticed. 

Investigate your options when you have to make a health related decision.  There may be a more natural approach to treatment rather than prescription drugs or invasive procedures.  And if it's thyroid related - Be sure to have ALL the necessary testing and get a competent doctor to decipher the results for you.  Be sure to have all the information you can so that you can better know what the consequences to your actions will be.

Written by Ryan Frusti — August 14, 2012