Hair Analysis is another tool that we use at Advanced Chiropractic to determine where problems lie in overall health.  No one laboratory test can be said to be definitive in making these determinations.  It is always best to look at blood, urine, hair and saliva to find the best course of action.  The unique factor about hair analysis is that it can show long term rates of various elements.  

It is a very simple test and can be done at home or by your hair dresser.  You simply measure out .25 grams of hair from the back of the head (other options are also available).  Then it is mailed to the laboratory for analysis which takes about 5-10 days.  

I had always thought that hair analysis was primarily used to find high levels of toxicity in the body so when we decided to do the hair analysis I expected that I would find out that some of my problems were related to toxic levels of mercury or lead or another heavy metal.  When the results came back I didn't show toxic levels in my body but this could also mean that my body is not properly excreting toxins.  The biggest surprise to me was that I was deficient in multiple necessary minerals including Lithium, Iodine, Germanium, Chromium and Vanadium.  Some of them I was not that familiar with but in looking them up and talking to the Doctor, some of these minerals will take iodine from the body affecting the function of the thyroid.  Lithium is related to concentration and focus, something I have been complaining about for most of my life.  Iodine is a mineral that is not produced by the body so it has to come from external sources; food, supplements, etc, but it is very necessary for proper thyroid function and can affect muscle weakness, weight, dry skin, hair loss and pregnancy possibly resulting in miscarriage and still birth.  Germanium helps to increase oxygen absorption in the blood and boost the immune system, something I need, knowing that Hashimoto's Disease is an auto-immune condition. Chromium deficiency affects blood sugar and cholesterol metabolism, energy levels, boosts the immune system and contributes to lean muscle mass.  Vanadium works in combination with Chromium to aid in blood sugar and cholesterol regulation and has been shown to be effective in protecting against breast cancer.

Some of the minerals were tested again with blood work and they did show low levels. Supplementation needs to be monitored by a heathcare provider because some of these elements can become toxic in high doses.  

AS you can see these are important to know and understand and much testing and investigative work is needed.  I have added many of them into my health care protocol but again I advise you to always work with a competent healthcare provider to make these changes.  They can oversee your overall health and lead you in the right direction.

Written by Ryan Frusti — August 14, 2012