After my hyperthyroid diagnosis I became more and more obsessed with finding a natural solution but there were still so many questions.  Many things came up as I scoured the internet.  Did I have an iodine deficiency? Was I toxic with Bromine, Chlorine, Fluoride?  The more I read the more confused and paranoid I became.  It made me think and contemplate the poor health condition we are in as a society. 

Tony spoke with the doctor that teaches the Thyroid classes for some advice and he basically said to follow what my Endocrinologist was telling me.  That was a disappointment.  I had read the side-effects of the prescriptions he had given me and already decided I didn't want to take the Methimazole.  I did however, take the Atenolol for my heart as the heart palpitations were unsettling and the more I reasearched it the more nervous I got about them.  Tony contacted Standard Process, a reputable vitamin and supplement company that makes completely natural products.  They came up with a protocol for me to follow.  It included Thyroid & Adrenal Supplements & Multi-Vitamins and minerals as well as some tinctures that directly worked on slowing the thyroid.  They helped to reduce my syptoms and within 3 months I was off of the prescription heart medicine.  There was/is still much work to do and more tests to be run.

A word of caution to the reader.  You can find something that will contradict everything that you read, no matter what.  Take it all more lightly than I did.  Do not self-diagnose or self-treat.  There are many competent doctors out there that can help you with thyroid conditions.  Search in your area for either a Natropathic Doctor or a Chiropractor who has taken Advanced Thyroid Post-Graduate Studies.  They will work to get to the cause of the problem.  

To be told that you need to destroy a body organ to solve a problem is wrong.  This is not only wrong but also leads to additional problems down the road.  What caused the problem in the first place?  What can you do to make corrections and improve the situation?  What can you change in your life to improve your health?   This is what you need to ask yourself.


Written by Ryan Frusti — August 14, 2012